Are you burnt-out and not sure how to organise your life in a way to support yourself?

Do you feel you are lacking direction and are just rolling with the punches?

Despite your experience and knowledge, do you still feel like you're just winging it?

So many women feel they hit a wall by the time to get to 30. Between our careers and families, societal pressures, and our innate inclination to care for everyone (but ourselves), it can be hard to create a balanced life that fills us with joy. We're just trying to do it all, and lose ourselves in the process.


Maybe you've been feeling like this for a while, and you've been trying to learn how to better care for yourself. But, somehow building the habits isn't working for you. Or maybe you just don't know where to start. 


The good news is: I can help you with that!


As a coach and teacher, I focus on helping you ground and integrate what you already know. I'll let you in on the practical tools I use to organise my own life and I will help you adjust them to suit your personality and lifestyle. One-size, afterall, doesn't fit anyone!

No More Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda! It's time to Transform!