How Preconceived Ideas Keep Us Stuck

You know what a line is, right? When I say 'a line', you have an image in your mind.


It may vary in length or thickness, direction or colour, but the basic concept of a line is firmly planted in your brain.


Or is it?

A line is a dot that went for a walk

Paul Klee (1879-1940), German-Swiss painter

I really like this quote, and not just because I can just see that dot talking a stroll. Wearing his little bowler hat, his monocle and a bunch of flowers in his hand to give to Dotty, his girl friend. I know, I have an overactive imagination.


The reason why I really love this quote, is because it challenges me to reconsider a concept that I may have felt was indisputable. A line is a line, right? But what if it IS a dot? What does that tell me about other indisputable assumption I have about our world?


I HAVE to take such a thought experiment as an invitation to open my mind to the possibility that there are different ways to view things. That doesn't just mean considering various opinions and view points about the world, but also about myself.


Have you ever found yourself in a situation that a friend described you in a way that felt very alien to you? Maybe you have been unable to see some of the trades your friend felt make you unique, because your self-esteem was too low to consider it. Or possibly, you just never knew that these run-of-the-mill character traits you possess, are in fact personality pearls!

Have you mistakenly identified yourself as a line all your life?

Are you just realising you are in fact a walking dot?

Or, have you never really thought about it at all?

Why not take some time to consider the truths you hold about yourself, and if they are-in fact-true. This could be a great time to get your journal out, and get writing.