How to Set Yourself Up For Success

So often, as soon as we wake up our mind floods with everything that we should be doing that day. All the chores and tasks that are on our mental to-do list. From the moment we wake up, we find ourselves in a state of overwhelm, because (if you are anything like me) we usually add too much to that mental list.


A To-Do-List can be a great project management tool... but you are not a project!
A To-Do-List can be a great project management tool... but you are not a project!

We immediately begin to think of contingency plans. What can we knock off that list? 

There goes a long relaxing shower!

Bye bye 30 minutes with a magazine and a cuppa!

Everything that isn't urgent is off. But what if that is the fluff that keeps you sane? The self-care that is crucial to your happiness? Let alone taking time to work on our life goals and dreams. That is, if we have awarded ourselves the time to think of those in the first place.


Our lives are regrettably driven by productivity, by tasks and to-do lists. But when we focus on these things, we lose touch with the big picture. We stop thinking of creative solutions to the challenges of our lives, and stop dreaming of how we can tab into the incredible potential that lies within us.


And I get it, there are bills to pay, mouths to feed, dishes to be done… the list can really seem endless. Creating space to work on goals and realize our dreams is so satisfying though… and we can often make our daily grind work in our favor, too.

It's true! You actually can have your cake and eat it too!

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