Are Your ready to Create Your 2020 Vision?

With a new year, in fact a new decade, approaching, the question is raised: what's your vision for 2020? Do you have a clear idea of where you want to take your life,  but are at a lost as to how you're going to work towards those goals? Or are you unsure what's next for you? Maybe you are struggling to find direction in the midst of societal expectation and opinions of family members?


We've all been there, darling! Sometimes it's hard to really take stock and understand what you want from life and what you can do to get it.

Lucky for you, help is on the way!

Create Your 2020 vision and start the new decade with a bang!

I'm hear to help you get clear on your vision, help you set meaningful and sustainable goals and get an action plan ready to start you on your journey.


We'll work closely together for 4 weeks to create the most epic start of these roaring 20s.

4 Private Coaching Sessions

 We'll talk every week. Your first session is 90 minutes, so we can get to know each other and begin to explore your dreams and expectations. The following sessions are 60 minutes, and we'll dive a little deeper every time.

Support Through Chat

Throughout our four weeks together, you can reach out through chat for feedback, tips, or just to discuss some of the ideas and feelings that are coming up in the process. Remember, I'm on this journey with you!

Personalised Action Plan

We'll finish our time together with a personalised action plan, that will help you realise your goals and create the life of your dreams. 

Practical Tools

Throughout this coaching programme, I will supply you with practical tools and exercises to help you on your journey. These tools will become skills you can rely on in the future, as you navigate your life.

This offer currently priced at €479 plus tax

Is a four-week programme not for you?

Maybe you are pretty clear on your vision, but there is just one little thing that you are still struggling with. What are you going to do about pricing? Or how exactly are you going to niche down your target audience. Perhaps you want your website to work better, or you're not quite happy with your sales funnels.

Don't let those lose ends follow you into the new year! Let's sit and hammer it out in a 90-minute coaching call.

Currently on offer for only €109 plus tax