Positive Mindset · 30 April 2019
I realised that I was trying to bully myself into becoming a happier version of myself. That was never going to work, and it had to change! So, I started learning a new language. A language of self-love, compassion, and optimism. Are you ready to transform your own inner-voice, but not sure how to get started? I've got you covered. I will get you started with just 5 minutes a day.

Mind-Body Connection · 15 April 2019
We often talk about motivation in the context of what drives us to get started, but how about what keeps us going? Motivation is what keeps us focused on long-term goals. We have to deal with willpower, though, too. And our willpower relates to our ability to resist short-term gains in order to serve the long-term goal.

Perspective · 04 March 2019
In our modern world, we are constantly bombarded with marketing messages telling us that we are missing out. Missing out on fun, perfection, love and acceptance. If only we buy this, attend that or participate in such… then our lives will be complete. But, guess what… we simply can't do it all, have it all and be it all. So how do you let go of FOMO?

Your Story · 18 February 2019
It's so easy to fall into the trap, where all you do is complain about all the challenging things that happened in our lives. And yes, we have to talk about all those things. Because we have to embrace our truth, and go through our story to make sense of it. But, if you get stuck in that place, you can get bitter. So, how do you move past that and create a better life from what you experienced?

Perspective · 27 January 2019
You know what a line is, right? When I say 'a line', you have an image in your mind. It may vary in length or thickness, direction or colour, but the basic concept of a line is firmly planted in your brain. Or is it? What happens when we challenge ideas that we held to be undeniable truths about the world, and ourselves?

Positive Mindset · 27 January 2019
I wrote this post for a previous project back in 2017, but I feel it bears repeating. If you wonder how I let a pretty shitty day teach me how amazing my life really is... this is the one to read :)

Your Story · 01 January 2019
When we look at our stories, our lives, our pasts, we have a default way of interpreting it. We think we know what happened and how it shaped us… but what if we take a step back, or left, or right? What if we look at thing just a LITTLE differently? Does our story change?