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Goal Setting · 15 April 2019
We often talk about motivation in the context of what drives us to get started, but how about what keeps us going? Motivation is what keeps us focused on long-term goals. We have to deal with willpower, though, too. And our willpower relates to our ability to resist short-term gains in order to serve the long-term goal.

Goal Setting · 18 March 2019
So often, as soon as we wake up our mind floods with everything that we should be doing that day. All the chores and tasks that are on our mental to-do list. From the moment we wake up, we find ourselves in a state of overwhelm, because (if you are anything like me) we usually add too much to that mental list. Our lives are regrettably driven by productivity, by tasks and to-do lists. But when we focus on these things, we lose touch with the big picture.