I arrived in the Netherlands in 2014, from my home country of Moldova, full of hope and excitement to step into my student life. However, I had no idea what I signed myself up for. As I learned later, the hard way, studying Business Studies, wasn't exactly what the sensitive and creative me wanted. In my younger years, you could find me at theatre rehearsals with the dance troupe, on sets with my camera, or experimenting with my watercolours in my parents’ garden. What happened you ask? I thought I had to “grow up” and considered those things too frivolous, choosing a “serious” study to "get that job" and "earn that money". 


I just about survived my degree, drained, burned out and totally disconnected from myself. It seemed like there is no way out, and I had to follow the path I picked. Trained for corporate life, I started applying for jobs I didn't want to get.


At this time, I came across FloLab, a wellness focus co-working space, and took on the marketing and communication internship, to ensure I keep my marketing skills sharp and fresh. I found so much more than just marketing experience! The expat community, people who embrace sensitivity and honesty, and most importantly, follow their hearts. It was so refreshing to find myself a part of a like-minded group of people. 


Moreover, the experience of working alongside solopreneurs inspired me to apply my business skillset to support them in their journeys. I am a firm believer that each of us must focus on our “personal magic”. However, it can be very hard to find that drive and inspiration to work on your projects after you’ve spent hours on your social media content, conducting customer research, or overthinking that LinkedIn caption. 


Just as I started finding my own way of supporting entrepreneurs with their businesses, Mags invited me to join her Virtual Support Hive. Now I I get to combine my creativity and business/marketing expertise, helping solopreneurs like you create the space they need to focus on their own genius, without having to worry about the practicalities of running a business.