Below is a list of current and previous clients

Here is an overview of some of the amazing people I work with, and have worked with in the past. Are you ready to add you name to the list? Get in touch to book a discovery call. If you would like to know more about my work history or educational background, check out my LinkedIn profile.

Heather Dane - 21st century Medicine Woman (2014 - present)

I have worked with Heather since 2014, and am mainly responsible for content management on her website. I format and proofread her content before publishing.


I have also created various hand-outs, downloadables and newsletters to support her business.

Flolab - Wellness First Co-Working and Events (2019 - present)

I am currently working with one of the Flolab co-founders, Emma Smillie, to update and streamline the operational processes and the systems the team uses to monitor and execute them.


What that means? Well, in a few weeks time, they will have a non-intimidating inbox, a project management tool where tasks are easily found, tracked and completed, and a shared hard drive that the team can navigate with their eyes closed. 

SwanWaters - Online Support Platform (2013 - present)

 In 2013 I was one of the co-founders of SwanWaters, an online support platform for people recovering from experiences with emotional abuse. What started as a supportive role, became a large part of my life as I stepped into the role of operations manager and director of the foundation. 


Although the platform is still operational, I am creating less involved products to support people, as I have learned that - as much as I want to help people overcome their trauma - I am not made for holding so much space for so many people. 

Ellen Waldren - Anxiety Support (2019 - present)

Ellen and I have worked together before, in her 'side-gig' as a lettering artist (2016 - 2017). Recently we picked up our collaboration, this time for her main business as counsellor and psychotherapist. We are building a website together to support people suffering with anxiety.


The project is still in the planning and drafting stages, but the first branding documents and content outlines are exciting. 

Jacqui Mc Ginn - Spiritual  Mentor and Energy Healer (2019 - present)

Jacqui has so many brilliant ideas on how to serve and support her clients. What sometimes keeps her distracted is actually building the programmes in her online portal, but that's where I come in.


Based on her notes, writing and recordings, I am putting together some great online courses. Not only is it useful that I understand trauma and healing, but on top of that I have a teaching degree. It's a match made in heaven.

Christina Wilson - Awaken Your Skin (2017 - 2019)

I'd send newsletters to Christina's customer base to remind them of ordering deadlines, pick up dates and available appointment slots.


I would simply work out when the newsletters were due, based on her schedule, so she didn't have to give it another thought.

Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation (2017 - 2018)

During my time with PPNF I helped set up templates to create social media posts, updated downloadables and helped fix bug on the website they had recently had updated. 

I have also worked with clients in other fields, on both short and long term projects. These include:

- Aeon PEC
- Art & The City
- Building Success
- EFA Foundation
- The Hollow Decks
- Jo Gifford
- Pol & Pol