The idea of the Virtual Support Hive is, that you have one contact person within the team. Who that is depends on your needs and our availability. Your contact person will then make sure the work you outsource to us is divided among the team members, so that everyone does exactly what they do best, without you having to manage and facilitate communication between a whole team of people.

How We Manage Your Work (and Ours)

  • Depending on the work we’ve agreed to do, we’ll set deadlines and Service Level Agreements. These will be included in the Work Agreement that is part of our contract.
  • We use Toggl to keep track of how much time we spend on your projects. That means that, when you need some more help with a project, you can easily contact us to set that up. We will know exactly how much time we spent on the additional work and will invoice you on the first of the following month.
  • As a VIP client, you can communicate with us through Messenger or WhatsApp. This is the quickest and easiest way for us to communicate and we will always get back to you as soon as possible. Additionally, we'll have a monthly check-in by Skype, so that we are sure everything is going well.
  • You will be billed at the start of each month for the agreed upon VIP package (as set out in the Work Agreement). Any additional work and hours will be charged by after-calculation with next month’s regular invoice.
  • You will only receive one invoice, and we will make sure that the Hive members who worked on your account get their time compensated. 
  • If you refer our services to a friend, and they sign on as a VIP client too, you will receive a discount on your next invoice.
  • We understand that your business is your baby, and we want to keep her safe! All our team members sign a non-disclosure agreement, which also covers any work they do for your business. 

What We're All About

The Virtual Support Hive is all about creating female empowerment through business: ours and yours. We believe strongly that we can create financial independence, healing, and joy in this world by creating a collaborative environment, where we rely on each other's talents to create projects that are greater than the sum of its parts. In order to create that kind of environment, we built our team on three core values.


We work closely together, and trust each other's talents. All of us love what we do, and we have a passion for giving it our very best. Moreover, we like to learn and develop, so over the course of our collaboration we will likely be able to support you in increasingly creative and magical ways.


If you are stuck on something in your business, let us know! We may have learned something recently that holds the key to getting you unstuck! 


In order to work together effectively, we need to make sure we communicate. This is one of the reasons we make sure the team connects regularly with you and with each other. 


If there is ever something that is bothering you, that you are unsure about, or that you are reconsidering, please feel free to reach out. We'd rather be able to course correct and make adjustments before things escalate. 


Feedback isn't always easy to receive, but we believe that it is an essential part of our learning and growth. So, we welcome your comments and invite you to be open and honest. We promise to be open and forthcoming on our end too.


We believe the world is full enough of productivity-driven companies. That's why we are creating a business that embraces compassion. We are human beings, with emotions, and personal lives, and histories. Of course, we take our work seriously, and we will support you in this partnership. But our business doesn't come with lockers where we can park our emotional baggage for eight hours a day. 


We practice our compassion through setting and maintaining healthy boundaries. So, if you text us late at night, we may not respond because we are introverting on the sofa (or something like that). At the same time the next evening, we may be fine to respond ... that's up to us. Feel free to do the same to us, and follow boundaries that work for you. This is another place where communication of expectation will come into play.


Compassion also means that we create space in our workdays to look after our health or to support our loved ones on their journeys. We sincerely hope you will do the same. 

Let's be human together.