Changing how you speak to yourself will allow you to create lasting change and help you become your own greatest cheerleader. Conquer low self-esteem and self-doubt, while building a life you love. Navigate the challenges of work and family with confidence and optimism.

I can help you transform your inner voice, which will:

♥ Boost your motivation and drive to improve

 Make you feel happier and more relaxed
 Improve your resilience and ability to handle stress


♥ Create room for creativity
The skills you will learn will completely change how you see yourself, your life and your friends and family. Before you know it, you will be achieving goals and celebrating dreams you've been struggling with for ages!
Ready to do YOUR happy-dance?
Ready to do YOUR happy-dance?

The 90-day Loving Language Coaching Programme consists of:

 6 private coaching sessions through Skype (60 minutes each)
 On-the-go support through chat
 A selection of hand-outs and worksheets to help you create change (no pop-quizzes, you can relax!)


In these 90-days you will become more aware how you talk to yourself and how we can change the conversation. You will learn to shift your perspective and silence your inner bully.
The beauty of developing an optimistic and compassionate inner voice, is that it will stay with you well beyond our 90 days together. Life will become fun and exciting again. You will feel more confident and have better self-esteem. This will help you in all areas of your life, your relationships, your personal growth... you name it.  

So, what will we be doing together?

Over the course of these 3 months, we will:
 Look at your goals and motivations, and how these relate to your self-image
 Learn ways to become more aware of your thoughts and inner voice
 Develop skills to help you understand what’s really going on inside that head of yours
 Uncover practical tools to address negative thoughts and habits
 Create a personal action plan to take your self-compassion to the next level


Because we come up with tools that you can use to help yourself, you will continue to learn and grow even after we finish working together. Whenever you struggle to achieve a goal or create a healthier habit, you can come back to the tools we created to give yourself a leg-up.

“Mags helped me navigate my options from a safe and warm place. I definitely recommend working with her. She's a great listener, and helps you work through life changing decisions without being pushy—or forcing her opinions on you! And that's priceless!”


Crystal - Georgia, USA

Now is the time to change how you see yourself, and take charge of your personal and professional development.

Create lasting change in the pursuit of your wildest dreams, and begin achieving you most ambitious goals today.

Stop trying to bully your way to happiness, and become your own greatest cheerleader!

Give me an L, an O, a V, an E! What does that spell? LOVE!
Give me an L, an O, a V, an E! What does that spell? LOVE!

Are you ready for an inner voice coach?

♥ 6 private coaching sessions through Skype (45 minutes each) - valued at €1,779
 On-the-go support through chat (for all 12 weeks)  - valued at €1,499


♥ A selection of hand-outs and worksheets to help you learn - valued at €149

Total Value: €3,427

Pay in full for only €1,997

 Save €400 by paying in full
  Receive a free copy of Reframe Your Goals & Reclaim Your Dreams help you make more sense of your personal goals and chase your dreams in a self-loving and compassionate way - valued at €14.97


  Fee top-up session within 3 months of finishing your 90-day programme - valued €299

or buy in 3 monthly payments of €697