Hi there! I am Mags

I've had so many official titles in my life. Everything from trainee teacher to grants administrator, and from operations manager to data entry clerk. The title I choose for myself, though, is Transformation Cheerleader & Loving Language Teacher!


We all have a story. As a survivor of childhood emotional abuse and workplace bullying, I know this to be true.


Over the years, I've managed to reframe my story and reclaim my narrative. My past has become a stepping stone to the wonderful life I have now. I've been on this path since breaking contact with my family in 2012. 


In 2013, I became a co-founder of SwanWaters— And organisation an organisation I now head as its director. The team and I support survivors of abuse to overcome their trauma and thrive in their new life. Through this work, and my own healing, I gained so much experience addressing negative self-talk, self-sabotage, low self-esteem and the destructive force of learned helplessness. 


As I worked through my own story, I became aware of how judgmental and cruel my own inner-voice was. I realised that I was trying to bully myself into becoming a happier version of myself. That was never going to work, and it had to change! So, I started learning a new language. A language of self-love, compassion, and optimism. 


As I learned this language, I started to feel lighter, happier, more relaxed, more optimistic... I started to achieve my goals and managed to heal myself in ways I couldn't even dream of before.


That's why I started teaching other people this Loving Language. I am after all trained as a language teacher. By changing how we relate to ourselves, we change everything! Are you ready for your transformation?

Are You Ready To Transform Your Inner-Voice?

I've always had a fascination for language. And because of this, I suppose it isn’t surprising that I studied Dutch Language & Literature; eventually switching courses to train as a teacher of English as a Foreign Language.


It simply intrigues me how people use language to make the most beautiful and complex ideas accessible to others. Yet in the same breath, it can be used to tear people down. This is something I experienced in the aftermath of a difficult childhood; the way I spoke to myself was far from uplifting or poetic.


I'd berate and bully myself over the silliest stuff; convinced that I was all kinds of awful things. I believed I'd fail before even trying AND feared that people would hate me because of that failure.


It was these kinds of message that had me emotionally paralysed. I had such low self-esteem that I was too scared to move forward. Yet I was unhappy with who and where I was.


Once I became aware of how this negative internal dialogue was steering my life, I started teaching myself a new language.


I knew I had to find my way home to a loving language. One that existed within us before we were affected by the painful parts of human existence; before we learnt to question the social acceptability of our thigh size, the pitch of our voice, or whether we had anything even remotely close to talent that we could share with the world.


As a language teacher, abuse survivor, AND experienced mentor, I know exactly how to teach you this loving language that I've trained myself in. Are you ready to learn?