Hi there! I am Mags

Photography by Mia Tengco
Photography by Mia Tengco


I've had so many official titles in my life. Everything from trainee teacher to grants administrator, and from operations manager to data entry clerk. The title I choose for myself, though, is Compassion Coach and Transformation Cheerleader!


 In 2013, I started my life as an online entrepreneur as a virtual assistant. At the same time, I became a co-founder of SwanWaters— an organisation I now head as its operations manager. The team and I support survivors of abuse, like ourselves, overcome their trauma and thrive in life. Through this work, and my own journey in life and business, I gained so much experience addressing negative self-talk, self-sabotage, low self-esteem and the destructive force of learned helplessness. 


Putting my teacher training to good use, I started teaching others how to speak to themselves with loving language. I could see them create success in their lives and in their businesses. That's when I decided that more people need to bring self-compassion to their business. And... here we are! 

Are You Ready To Transform Your Inner Voice and Business?