Are you trying to create change in your life, but—despite your best efforts—keep falling into frustrating old habits?

Do unhelpful thought patterns pop up all the time; getting in the way of your goals, desires, and dreams?

Are you struggling to stay persistent in the process of transforming your heart, mind, and life?

It's Time To Shift Your Perception & Transition Into Your New Self

It's time to get out of the passenger seat, and position yourself behind the wheel of your life. To create lasting change, you have to commit to yourself, and become diligent about achieving the dreams your heart holds dear. 


I'm Mags. And I'm an author, mindset mentor, and transformation cheerleader. I wholeheartedly believe that—by making subtle shifts in the way you perceive your life—you can turn your circumstances around. And I can give you the tools to help you do this.

"Mags has a way of helping me step out of catastrophic, over-emotional thinking into a more grounded and optimistic head space. Then from here she pulls strategies—like arrows—out of her quiver full of tools and practical skills to help me reorient myself. Her tools become my tools. And I become more equipped to do life.”


Carrie - Australia

Are you ready to take charge of your transformation?

In our session, I'll encourage you to take a step back (or forward, or sideways) and consider your challenges from different angles. This will help you find new strategies, build your flexibility, and allow you to apply new strategies and habits to your life.

In our session, I will help you:

♥ Feel optimistic  about yourself, your life and your transformation


♥ Learn tools to continue to transform and grow, and deal with life as you go


♥ Let go of self-sabotage and learned helplessness

Single Session (60 minutes) : € 97

Multi-Buy (3 single sessions, valid for 3 months) :  € 249

What Makes Me The Expert On Transformative Mindset?

As a survivor of abuse, I know too well how important it is to commit to transformation and  personal growth. Over the years, I've learned—and developed my own—tools for healing and rewiring my mind. 


And as a result, my past has become a stepping stone to a wonderful life. This is an experience I want you to have, too. Because you deserve it!


I have a knack for giving practical and down to earth advice in a way that makes it easy to relate to and apply. I aim to empower you to take charge and follow your passion—without forgetting that there are bills to pay, cats to cuddle, and dishes to be done!

“Mags helped me navigate my options from a safe and warm place. I definitely recommend working with her. She's a great listener, and helps you work through life changing decisions without being pushy—or forcing her opinions on you! And that's priceless!”


Crystal - Georgia, USA

Single Session (60 minutes) : € 97

Multi-Buy (3 single sessions, valid for 3 months) :  € 249

Now is the time to stop letting the daily grind get in the way of what you really want from life.

Now is the time to take charge of your personal development and transformation.

Create lasting change in the pursuit of your wildest dreams, and begin achieving you most ambitious goals today.