What If Your Story Could Change Lives?

“Once upon a time, there was a girl named Caroline. This little girl had a dream. She was dreaming of the day she would get married…”


Even if you haven’t read the story that this line comes from, it probably sounds familiar. It may seem innocent enough, but stories are at the base of everything. They determine how we view the world and how we see our own place in it. When we read stories about girls who dream about getting married, we affirm to every girl in the world that this is what girls are supposed to do.


"I really like her approach and kind energy!"


I facilitated this workshop as an Internations guest speaker.

* I invited attendees to look at the power of stories, and how they help shape our world.

* We explored how they impact our personal choices and actions, and the lives of the people around us.

* Finally, we learned how to use stories to create change for ourselves and the world we live in.



Saturday 12 December 2020

16.00 CET

"It's such gentle work with powerful effects. I really enjoyed it, and have much to reflect on"

Sharing Authentically In Your Marketing - Gratitude Summit

You are a professional, right? You show up for your clients, ready to work. You are dressed appropriately. You put on a smile to make them feel at ease. You do all these things, because this is how we have learnt to BE when we are working: professional! 


We are thoroughly imprinted with the idea that work is not the place for ugly tears, heartbreak, or childhood trauma. Yet, as a coach, healer, or change-maker, when it comes to connecting with your audience, these are the stories that matter. People need to be able to see the transformation, connect to the challenges and feel that you, more than anyone else, understand exactly what they are going through.


Sharing these intimate experiences, thoughts and emotions publicly can feel super daunting. What if people judge you or stop taking you seriously. What if they finally see through you and realise you're a fraud? What if they leave nasty comments or laugh at you? These thoughts and feelings can really spiral out of control quite fast, and before you know it you are drowning in what Brené Brown has coined the vulnerability hang-over.


I have spent the last few years sharing about my own emotionally abusive childhood and my healing. It was not always easy, and I sure learned a lot about managing my mental health in light of embracing vulnerability on a public forum. 


Wednesday, November 11, 2020

4:00 PM  4:30 PM (CET)

The Power or Reinvention - Online Summit, July 2020

Self-Compassion in Business Mindset Lab

In-Person Training

Self-Compassion may seem like too woo woo a concept to have real impact on your life. Aren't we supposed to push ourselves to improve and try to compensate for our short-comings? 


We are after all whole and complex human-beings, and when we can embrace all aspects of ourselves... we can make use of all our assets to make our life so much more fun!


This Mindset Lab is a practical exploration of self-compassion, and you will leave not only with more knowledge, but also with actionable strategies. You will be able to create sustainable change, increase your motivation, creativity and become better at handling stress.   

"Mags gave a wonderfully humanising workshop on Self compassion in Business where a small group of participants were invited to explore how practising compassion can improve our motivation and creativity. I realised that I have been exploring this path for some time now, but seeing everything laid out so clearly, and having the guidance to recognise our emotions and become more aware made her workshop so much more valuable. I particularly liked the exercise on achievements and the list of values to find our core values and have once again been reminded that taking action is essential!"


- Lisa, The Netherlands