The Power or Reinvention - Online Summit, July 2020

Self-Compassion in Business Mindset Lab

In-Person Training

Self-Compassion may seem like too woo woo a concept to have real impact on your life. Aren't we supposed to push ourselves to improve and try to compensate for our short-comings? 


We are after all whole and complex human-beings, and when we can embrace all aspects of ourselves... we can make use of all our assets to make our life so much more fun!


This Mindset Lab is a practical exploration of self-compassion, and you will leave not only with more knowledge, but also with actionable strategies. You will be able to create sustainable change, increase your motivation, creativity and become better at handling stress.   

"Mags gave a wonderfully humanising workshop on Self compassion in Business where a small group of participants were invited to explore how practising compassion can improve our motivation and creativity. I realised that I have been exploring this path for some time now, but seeing everything laid out so clearly, and having the guidance to recognise our emotions and become more aware made her workshop so much more valuable. I particularly liked the exercise on achievements and the list of values to find our core values and have once again been reminded that taking action is essential!"


- Lisa, The Netherlands