The Virtual Support Hive is the name of a team of amazing business support professionals, who will be on call to help your business. The people I work with are carefully selected, and I have close working relationships with every one of them.

Here are the lovely ladies of the Virtual Support Hive

Photography by Mia Tengco
Photography by Mia Tengco

Mags Thomson - Project Manager & Content Co-Creator

In 2013, I started my life as an online entrepreneur as a virtual assistant. At the same time, I became a co-founder of SwanWaters— an organisation I headed as its operations manager for many years. The team and I supported survivors of abuse, like ourselves, overcome their trauma and thrive in life. Through this work, I gained a host of experience that I started putting to use for online entrepreneurs, especially in the field of mental health and personal growth.


I am experienced in social media management, content creation, community building, course design, graphic design, and have a special knack for setting up practical systems to help you manage your workload with more ease.

Karina Asti - Professional Editor

After 14 years of teaching primary school children, I decided I needed to get back to something I love. (If anyone is unsure as to how teaching primary school children may lend itself to proofreading and editing, please get back to me after attempting to read 30 pieces of creative writing by seven and eight year-olds.)


It was through becoming a beta reader for a dear friend (now a successful author), that I first considered my new career path. Five years on, and I have achieved a distinction in a Level 4 Diploma in Proofreading and Editing, as well as a wealth of experience to give me the confidence to leave teaching behind. 


I am currently living in The Hague, Netherlands, with my fiancé and our beautiful cats, Mortdecai and Mazikeen.  It’s a refreshing change, after 18 years in Brighton, UK. 

Photography by Mia Tengco
Photography by Mia Tengco

Valeria Lesnic - Strategy & Marketing Expert

I arrived in the Netherlands in 2014 full of hope and excitement to step into my student life. However, I had no idea what I signed myself up for. As I learned later, the hard way, studying Business Studies wasn't exactly what the sensitive and creative me wanted. 


After graduation, I came across FloLab, and took the marketing and communication internship, to ensure I keep my marketing skills sharp/fresh. I found so much more! The experience of working alongside solo entrepreneurs inspired me to apply my business skillset to support them in their journeys.


I'm currently finding my own way, combining my creativity and business/marketing expertise, helping solo entrepreneurs create the space they need to focus on their own genius. I specialise in branding strategy, Facebook campaigns, content review, Instagram feed aesthetics, customer research, getting your mission and vision straight, and SEO. 

Photography by Mia Tengco
Photography by Mia Tengco

Johanna van Heck - Bookkeeping Angel

I am originally from Örebro, Sweden (about 200 kilometers west of Stockholm). After graduating with a MSc in Economics from the Jönköping International Business School in 2008 I began my career. I worked within various positions in the financial world. This journey took me to cities like Stockholm, Paris, London, and now in The Hague.


After 10 years gaining substantial knowledge about the financial industry, I decided to take a new direction and started my own business. I am currently spend some of my time teaching yoga and the rest helping my fellow entrepreneurs out with bookkeeping and creating useful financial systems.

Kim van Gent Photography
Kim van Gent Photography

Ana Gallo - Events Planner & Personal Assistant

I'm an assistant with years of experience organising, coordinating, consulting, and giving assistance to events in the corporate and lifestyle niches. I’m happy to help business owners and solo entrepreneurs to communicate their message through events with SMART goals. I believe that big ideas are only as powerful as the details behind them.


Even when I worked full time as a personal assistant, in my home town of São Paulo, Brazil, events always somehow came my way. It didn't change since moving to The Netherlands in 2015. It is the number one thing people ask me for help with, and I love brainstorming ideas and then making them come true. 


I'd love to help you create, design, and organise (online) events such as webinars, product launches, workshops, meetings, or business events that truly convert. A well-organised event that has impact and give a full experience to the audience will create amazing results for your business.